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ALEXIS WEAVER (she/her) is a composer, sound artist and educator based in Sydney, Australia. A passionate composer of electroacoustic music, Alexis has also composed soundtracks for animation, short film, theatre, dance, and most notably a series of podcasts for Australian companies ARN, Amplify, Sunny Studios and Shameless Media, as well as Spotify. Alexis’ electroacoustic works have been broadcast in Australia, the US, the UK, and Europe, as well as featured on New Weird Australia’s Collapse Theories (2022), Solitary Wave (2019) and RMN Classical’s Electroacoustic and Beyond II (2017) compilation albums. In 2018, Alexis was awarded the National Council of Women’s Australia Day Prize for her research undertaken during her Honours year on the visibility and practice of female electroacoustic composers. She recently completed a Master of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium, where she now lectures in composition and music technology subjects. In 2021, Alexis commenced research with the Nanosonic Stories team, an interdisciplinary research team within the Nano Institute at the University of Sydney. Following on from this work, Alexis recently commenced her PhD examining the role of music and sound design in science communication.​ In 2023, Alexis embarked on a year-long residency with La Biennale di Venezia, composing a new immersive electroacoustic work featuring poetry by Dr Geosmin Turpin. This work was premiered as part of the Micro Music Festival in October 2023. She also came onboard with the Sonic Mutations AI project, led by Kopi Su Studio, which premiered as part of the Sydney Opera House Outlines livestream series, and was revisited for the 2023 Sydney SxSW Festival. 

image by @kopi_su_studio

Alexis Weaver performs at the Sydney Opera House. She is standing in front of a table and focusing on a MIDI controller. Behind her a screen flashes colourful pastel patterns.

Recent works


Control Yourself

commissioned for the Outline Festival livestream series. Premiered at the Sydney Opera House, 15th July 2023, and also performed at the SxSW Sydney Tech & Innovation Opening Party, 16th October 2023, and at Powerhouse Late, 19th October 2023. 


Beyond Binary

artistic curation of interview media. Co-composed with Liz Cheung for the Dreambox Collective. Premiered at Beyond Binary (virtual concert). 



for flute and electronics, co-composed with Jessica Scott. Premiered at Sharing Spaces (virtual concert), with generous support from the Australia Council. 


The Shimmering Haze

electroacoustic work. Premiered at 107 Projects, Redfern. Highly Commended, 2019 Forum Wallis Ars Electronica Competition, Switzerland.


A Mouthful of Locusts

Electroacoustic composition. First developed for HiberNATION Festival 2021. Premiered at Australasian Computer Music Conference 2022, Wellington, New Zealand. 


Lagtime Piano

sound design and electroacoustic composition. Concept by Chloe Chung. Co-composed with Chloe Chung for the Dreambox Collective. Premiered at The Sky is the Limit (virtual concert).


Mineral Disobedience

electroacoustic work. Commissioned by Radiophrenia Festival, Glasgow. Premiered at Radiophrenia (broadcast), 2020.


Scrapes and Sighs

electroacoustic work. Premiered at 107 Projects, Redfern. 12-channel version premiered at Multiple Monophonies, Massey University (2020). Highly Commended, 2019 Forum Wallis Ars Electronica Competition, Switzerland. 

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