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Project Gallery

Soft Matter, Hypersensitive Instruments (2023)

Composition, performance: Alexis Weaver

Poetry and concept: Dr Geosmin Turpin
Production: La Biennale di Venezia- CIMM, Centro Informatico Musicale Multimediale
Director: Lucia Ronchetti
Sound engineering and diffusion: Thierry Coduys, Adrien Zanni
Light Design: Tommaso Zappon
Mentors: Kyoka, Thierry Coduys, Miller Puckette, Brigitta Muntendorf , Oscar Pizzo, Gerfried Stocker, Ali Nikrang, Yoko Shimizu
Photos and Videos: Andrea Avezzù, Lucio Fiorentino, Luca Gianfrancesco, Pasquale Sbarra

All pictures Courtesy La Biennale di Venezia


Sonic Mutations (Sydney Opera House, 2023)

Composition, performance: Alexis Weaver and Rowan Savage

Concept and technical support: Kopi Su Studio (Kartini Ludwig, Eden Payne, Stella Palmer), Adrian Schmidt, Kieran Browne
Production: Sydney Opera House 
All pictures courtesy of Sydney Opera House

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