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Mineral Disobedience (2020) broadcast in Taree

My electroacoustic work Mineral Disobedience (first commissioned by Radiophrenia, Glasgow in 2020) is now getting a spin on the 2B0B Lost and Found Sounds show hosted by Hamish Mackenzie from 9pm Monday 10 July AEST.

Mineral Disobedience is comprised of recordings taken from a worksite high above Circular Quay, Sydney Australia. It explores the concept of machines and constructions materials coming to life and rallying against the constant development going on in the human world.

Lost and Found Sounds explores experimental audio scapes and delves into Musique Concrète, field recordings, atmospheric soundscapes, abstract music, electronic music, noisescapes and spoken word experimentation from contemporary, classic and pioneering artists. I'm very honoured to have my music played on the show, especially a piece which is very close to my heart - thanks Hamish!

You can tune in via the Lost and Found Sounds website, or head over to my Bandcamp page to hear the work in full any time.

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