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Sensitive Instruments concert in July

A chemical reaction of poetry and electronic music on Saturday, July 21st at Local Edition in Glebe, Sydney.

Composer Alexis Weaver and poet Geosmin Turpin will present an evening of electronic music and science-inspired poetry, showing how these art forms can intertwine and complement each other to express the emotionality and humanity that can be found in science. The two artists will each present a selection of their own work, before joining together to present the Australian premiere of their collaborative work, Soft Matter, Hypersensitive Instruments, first premiered at the Biennale di Venezia in 2023. Throughout the concert, Alexis and Geosmin will converse with the audience about the works being heard, with the intention of welcoming the audience into their diverse and unique practices.

After the performance has ended, the audience will be invited to stay back for conversation and to explore the sounds of the digital instruments. 

For tickets and more information head to Local Edition's Instagram or the event webpage. You can grab a sneak peek of the music on my Soundcloud, too!

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