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Sonic Mutations hits SxSW

Just before jetting off to Venice, I was absolutely delighted to perform my AI-ridden Sonic Mutations piece, Control Yourself, at the SxSW Tech & Innovation Opening Night Event! Held at 477 Pitt Street, I played an extended version of the piece to an extremely bubbly and excited crowd, and got to meet a lot of interesting and entrepreneurial people at the same time.

A huge thank you goes to my wonderful collaborators at Kopi Su Studio (Kartini, Eden, Stella, Kieran) for developing the AI model I use, Koup Music, and for being there as ground support on the night.

An equally fun night was had at Powerhouse Late on the 16th October, with Rowan Savage and I being joined by our new AI mate, An.So!

Now, I'm looking forward to wrapping up this project by releasing a fixed media version of the live work - and then experimenting further with the Koup Music AI on other works.

Thanks for the great photo goes to my PhD supervisor, A/Prof Alice Motion!

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