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composer & sound artist

I am an electroacoustic composer and sound artist based in Sydney, Australia. My aim is to bring a new awareness for the beauty of sound to a wider audience, evoking a new sense of wonder in our everyday environments. I am inspired by the behaviour of sounds found in nature and in the human body, and then apply these inherently biological processes in unexpected ways. I primarily use field recordings of natural and man-made landscapes, as well as sounds taken from the small, ubiquitous objects we encounter in our daily lives. 

I am passionate about bringing a respect for sound as music to those who may not be familiar with the concept. Experimental electronic music allows us to observe the little - and the big - sounds that make up our lives, and appreciate them in a different way. Every sound has a unique texture, structure, beauty that has nothing to do with its source or its purpose. 

​We are surrounded by music in every moment. 

image by @kopi_su_studio

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